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Our mission is to be a resource for small businesses in the Metro East by providing affordable and effective marketing and connecting them to our captive audience of readers that love to support small, local businesses.

Reasons To Advertise


Cost Effective

When it comes to growing your business, promotion is everything and we understand that small businesses don’t have large marketing budgets. That’s why our ad prices are well below all the others in the industry. Maximize your marketing budget by investing with a company that understands how small businesses work and how to use your marketing dollars effectively.



We are relevant because we are also residents of the Metro East and not a large advertising company based in another state. We understand the people who live here, and we can speak to that audience. We can get your business noticed by reaching a target audience of readers that love to support local businesses and local community events in Madison and St. Clair counties.



It’s more than just an ad. When you sign up as a partner with The Metro East Messenger, we include the additional features and services below at no additional cost.

Also Included:

Consultation and Design: We will discuss marketing ideas to bring readers to your doorstep as well as design your ad, no additional charge.

Updates to Your Ad: We won’t let your ad get stale. We can update and change your ad every two weeks, if you wish, no additional charge.

QR Codes: Your ad will include a QR code. This allows readers to scan the code and go directly to your website, social media page, landing page, etc. Your ad will also be hyperlinked in our digital publication so our online readers can click on your ad image and go directly to your page.

Editorial  Ad: We will do a “Local Business Spotlight” on your business. This is an editorial article all about your business, how you got started, what makes your business different, upcoming promotions, etc. No additional charge.

Coupons: We can include a coupon in our special coupon section designed specifically for your business and update it as often as you wish. No additional charge

Social Media: We can share any of your social media posts to our page. Have an upcoming event, promotion, or news about your business? We’ll share or create a post about it on our page, too.

Business Directory On Our Website: We will include all your business information on our business directory landing page along with links to your website. No additional charge.

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