Our Mission:

Our mission is to be your free resource for all that the Metro East has to offer by providing a free bi-weekly publication that informs our readers about upcoming events, local businesses in our area, as well as non-profits and charitable organizations that work hard to support our great community. We hope that through our publication people will be encouraged to shop, dine and do business locally as well as get involved in local events. 

What We Do:

By printing and distributing 2,000 copies of our free bi-weekly publication to local businesses, we inform readers where and when local events are happening and where to find the best restaurants, shops, and businesses. The information from our publication is also included on our Facebook page.

Who We Serve: 

Residents, business owners and visitors of Madison and St. Clair County. 

2020 Publication Dates

January (10th and 24th) 

February (7th and 21st)

March (6th and 20th) 

April (3rd and 17th)

May (1st and 22nd)

June (5th and 19th)

July (10th and 24th)

August (7th and 21st)

September (4th and 18th)

October (2nd and 16th) 

November (6th and 20th)

December (4th and 18th)

2021 Publication Dates

January (8th and 22nd)

February (5th and 19th)

 March (5th and 19th) 

April (9th and 23rd)

May (7th and 21st)

June (4th and 18th)

July (9th and 23rd)

August (6th and 20th)

September (10th and 24th)

October (8th and 22nd)

November (5th and 19th)

December (3rd and 17th)

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